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Manchester Superintendent's Plan Addresses Projected $5 Million Shortfall


Manchester Schools Superintendent Bolgen Vargas presented his budget proposal to the city’s board of alderman Tuesday night. The plan looks to make up for the district’s projected $5 million shortfall.

The state’s largest school district has been squeezed financially in recent years by a combination of factors including reduced aid from the state and declining student enrollment.

New superintendent Bolgen Vargas’ budget looks to make up the difference by, among other things, selling the district’s Millyard office space and cutting 47 staff positions, mostly through attrition.

“Our goal is to make sure that we can address the financial challenges that we are facing through multiple strategies so that the impact this could have in our schools will be minimal,” said Vargas.

Vargas presented multiple budget plans to the city’s board of alderman. One, priced at $165 million complies with Manchester’s tax cap. Another, at $170 million dollar, would allow for the hiring of reading teachers for elementary schools.

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