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Voters in Hampton and Newmarket Approve Major School Building Projects


Voters in several towns weighed in on school construction projects yesterday

In Hampton, voters approved a $26 million renovation of the town’s middle school after rejecting the idea last year.

Kathleen Murphy is Hampton School District Superintendent.

“This is pretty good, this is pretty exciting. It’s a project that is long overdue but one that I think will be a testament to the Hampton community.”

Newmarket residents said yes to a $39 million renovation of the town’s elementary and high schools. It was the fourth such proposal in 11 years – the previous three had all failed to pass.

Meanwhile in Raymond, a proposal for a $9 million school addition did not meet the two-thirds threshold it needed to pass.

Other towns with major school projects on the ballot are still waiting to decide, after the blizzard forced some towns to postpone their voting days.

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