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N.H. Running Out Of Federal Start-Up Money For New Charter Schools


New Hampshire is running out of federal money that helps new charter schools with start-up costs.

The state Department of Education has about $600,000 left in its federal start-up grant for new charter schools.

“That is about one charter school. Depending on the size of the school, it could be two,” says Caitlin Davis with the DOE.

New Hampshire has applied for another five-year grant, which would bring an additional $5.4 million.

Because they rely so heavily on the start-up funding, Davis says it would be difficult for new charter schools to open without the grant.

“When you’re starting up and paying salaries and buying supplies and other resources for the schools, there’s no additional funding for that,” she said. “Without the start-up funds, the schools would need to raise all that funding independently.”

Davis says the state expects to hear soon, but has been told it will be a competitive process and states that have never received a start-up grant will be given priority.

New Hampshire currently has 26 approved charter schools.

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