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Report: N.H. Ranks 8th In High School Graduation Rates

Pigeonpie via Flickr Creative Commons
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New Hampshire's overall high school graduation far exceeds the national average, but it ranks in the middle when it comes to low-income students.

That's according to a report released this morning by multiple organizations, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell's America's Promise Alliance.

The report found that the national graduation rate has reached a record 80 percent based on 2012 figures. New Hampshire's rate, 86 percent, was the eighth highest, but the report also points out a significant gap between students from low-income families and those from wealthier families.

The graduation rate for low-income students nationally is 72 percent. In New Hampshire, it is 73 percent, compared to 91 percent for higher-income students. Compared to other states, New Hampshire has fewer low-income students overall, about 27 percent.

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