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Hassan Supports Lower Court Decision Striking Down Ed Tax Credit

The administration of Governor Maggie Hassan has submitted brief in support of a Superior Court ruling that crippled a controversial Education tax credit program. The program gives tax breaks to businesses that donate to scholarship funds. The scholarships are then used to help students switch to a private school or homeschooling.

Last spring a judge ruled it was unconstitutional to use those funds to give scholarships to students going to religious schools. The New Hampshire Supreme Court is set to review that decision this spring.

Opponents argue the program is functionally equivalent to a school voucher program and diverts tax payer dollars to religious schools. Advocates say the tax credits cannot be viewed the same as spending state dollars, and so the scholarships should be constitutional.

So far only one organization, the Network for Educational Opportunity provides scholarships. Last year it gave out $128,000 dollars in scholarships to 103 students.

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