Common Cents for Young Adults 4-Part Series: Part-4 – WEBINAR | New Hampshire Public Radio

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Your 20’s & 30’s is supposed to be a time where you build a solid financial foundation to support your future financial house. But why are so many young adults struggling to build a solid financial foundation? Is it because money sense today is drastically different than money sense taught and inherited from older generations? Join NHFCU’s President/CEO, John R. Young, for this 4-part series where we will discuss exactly what materials are needed to build a solid financial foundation. In part-1 of this series, we will discuss how you can calculate your net worth, how to create a guilt free spending and savings plan, and how to make the best use of bank accounts. In part-2 of this series, we will discuss what your credit score and debt to income ratio means to lenders, and how you can leverage, utilize, and pay down debts. In part-3 of this series: we will discuss how you can earn more, keep more of what you earn, and worry less. It starts by making the most of your career, understanding taxes and potential tax advantages, and utilizing potential employer benefits and programs such as retirement programs. In part-4 of this series, we will discuss renting vs. buying a home, leasing vs. buying a vehicle, and home, auto, renters, and other insurance policies.

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