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2018 PRNDI Entry, Continuing Coverage: Race in New Hampshire

Britta Greene / NHPR

You can listen to a selection of NHPR's coverage of race in New Hampshire in 2017 with the audio link below, or scroll down for a list of full stories.

As the nation dealt with escalating racial tensions in 2017, several incidents in New Hampshire shook communities and forced a state not accustomed to talking about race to hear uncomfortable stories from people of color about their experiences.

In the city of Claremont, a biracial 8-year-old was found with rope burns around his neck; his family said older white children had pushed him off a table in an attempted lynching. On the other side of the state, in Durham, a 7-year-old child met his father at the bus stop, crying because another child on the bus had bullied him about the color of his skin - and the parents held the school district accountable.  Meanwhile, incidents involving racial stereotyping and race-based hostility at the University of New Hampshire forced a campus-wide dialogue about respect and diversity at the mostly-white school.

Over months, our reporters went to the communities where difficult conversations were happening, sat down with families affected, and followed up on promises of change. The year ended with the announcement that the governor would create a new civil rights unit within the state justice department, as well as a new advisory council on diversity and inclusion.

Highlights from our coverage of race and diversity in 2017:

5.18.17 - Incidents at UNH Force Difficult Dialogue About Race and Diversity

8.7.17 - Cheshire Fair To Discuss Policies After "Black Flies Matter" T-Shirts Spark Protest

8.17.17 - At UNH, Student Demands After Racist Incidents Feel LikeDéjà Vu

8.15.17 - Post Office Mural Depicting 'Cruel' Native Americans Sparks Debate In N.H. Town

9.11.17 - Claremont City, Faith Leaders To Respond To Alleged Race-Based Attack On Boy

9.13.17 - Allegation of Lynching-Style Attack on Claremont Boy Leaves City Grappling with Race-Based Tension

9.15.17 - Uncle: Claremont Police Didn't Act Until Alleged Lynching Attack On Boy Got Publicity

9.21.17 - Claremont Schools to Consider Anti-Discrimination Policies, Teachings

9.25.17 - Is Racism An Issue In Claremont? It Depends Whom You Ask

9.13.17 - Oyster River School District Grapples with Racist Incident on School Bus

9.25.17 - Parents Of Boy Targeted In Alleged Racist Bullying Incident Look For Way Forward

10.26.17 - In the Oyster River District, Parents Share Stories on Discrimination and Diversity

11.13.17 - Number of Reported Hate Crimes Surges in New Hampshire

11.30.17 - 6 Months After Racist Incidents, UNH Says Campus Diversity Work "Is Just Beginning"

12.14.17 - N.H. Creates Civil Rights Unit to Combat Discrimination

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