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Award Submissions

2017 PRNDI: Multi-Media Presentation

New Hampshire voters hold signs at a rally for Bernie Sanders in Nashua

NHPR's multi-media content reflects the sensibility that guides our radio journalism: It embodies best editorial practices, is singular in our state, and is a reflection of our newsroom's evolving culture of  innovation and experimentation.

The content linked below is a portfolio submission for the 2017 PRNDI Multi-Media category. The entry includes multi-media work covering our unofficial state sport: the 2016 First-in-the-Nation Presidential Primary and subsequent state-level election.

The portfolio includes:

  • Deep dives into election data and policy positions
  • Digital-first stories about candidates, voting, and the influence of money in the political process
  • A primary-specific podcast
  • Video explainers and features
  • Photojournalism
  • Data maps
  • Breaking news live blogs from Primary Day and Election Day
  • Online voter resources
Multi-Media and Digital-First Features
The title image for the collaborative multimedia feature focusing on voters in Rochester, New Hampshire

Primary/Election Series (Multimedia & Interactives): Where They Stand - a look at candidate positions on the issues

Interactive: NH Senate Candidates on National Security

Multimedia Feature: Voices from a Bellwether City

Multimedia Feature: At This Farm Stand, You Can Cast Your Vote in an Outhouse

Long Form Online: A Digital Revolution? Sanders Reinvents the Online Campaign

Long Form/Data: Gerrymandering and the N.H. Republican Advantage

Long Form/Data: Beyond Senate Race, Outside Money Is Trickling Down-Ballot to N.H. Dems

Primary & Election Multimedia Live Blogs
A screenshot of NHPR's election night live blog

Election Night 2016 - Live Blog 

Election Day 2016 - Live Blog

Primary Day/Night Blog 2017

Digital Voter Resources

NHPR's Primary Voters' Guide

Map: Where to Vote in Your Town

Maps/Results: 2016 N.H. Primary Results

The Primarily Politics Podcast

Brady Carlson anchored this limited-run podcast looking at behind-the-scenes stories from reporters, tales and trends form the trail, and "only in New Hampshire" moments worth sharing.

Listen to the episodes:

Interactive Maps

Interactive map: From Portsmouth to Pittsburg, Mapping 40 Years of the N.H. Primary

Interactive map: How Has Your Town Voted in Recent Elections?

Interactive map: These Are the N.H. Towns to Watch on Primary Night

Online Data Journalism

2016 Video & Photography
A .gif from NHPR's series "Elevator Pitch," in which candidates have six floors to make their pitch for votes

Video Primer: A Citizen's Survival Guide to Outside Spending

Video Series: Candidates Give (Literal) Elevator Pitches for Votes


Click here for a collection of NHPR photography from Primary Day

Click here for 2016 Election Day photography