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N.H. This Weekend: Men (Both In & Out Of Kilts)


Grab your kilt and head for Loon Mountain this weekend; Hippo Editor Amy Diaz details the NH Highland Games, and The Palace’s production of The Full Monty. Here’s  the big reveal.

Let’s begin with the Highland Games…

It’s a huge celebration of Scottish culture and history… everything from music and dance to heavy athletics.

How many people come to this each year?

This is Scotland’s moment… they get between 21,000 and 23,00 over the weekend.

What happens?

There’s a meeting of the clans…  if you have some heritage, this is a good place to learn some family history. There’s also competitive aspects; dance, piping, harp… with competitions throughout the weekend. Also heavy athletics- caber toss, stone carry… and they get athletes from all over the world.  

 Does one admission price get you into everything?

You can come for a day or come for just an individual concert. There are also whiskey and beer tastings that have special tickets.  

The Palace is presenting The Full Monty… how do they handle the big reveal?

Our reporter asked about that… and they wouldn’t go into exactly how they do it, but they promise there will be 'full monty’ in some way.

Tell us about the NH Community Theater Festival.

It’s happening Saturday and Sunday in Concord… it’s a big competition if you’re in community theater. The public can go and watch… productions are judged on the spot.