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NH This Weekend: Groundhogs & Oscar Shorts

qmnonic via Flickr Creative Commons

It has been a rough winter so far. Maybe you’re wondering when it will ease up. Forget the weather forecasters; there’s a certain woodchuck in PA that should know something; and if we have to wake him up and drag him out of his hole to tell us, well, that’s what we’re going to do.  So it’s with great fanfare that Ground Hog Weekend is here. Hippo Editor Amy Diaz has some suggestions to celebrate right here in New Hampshire, including a way to get up close and personal with whistle-pig. 

Ground Hog Day has actually become a cultural event, hasn’t it?

It has! At Squam Lake Natural Science Center in Holderness, you can see some animals during their Ground Hog Day celebration Saturday beginning at 10am. It’s a chance to see ground hogs in the natural environment and learn how they spend the winter.

Red River Theatres is once again showing the Bill Murray film Ground Hog Day, and it’s becoming a real cult classic…   what else are they doing?

Well, they’ll have a ground hog there, too- and a hedgehog.

Red River is also featuring Oscar Shorts this weekend- what’s that?  

It is Oscar Season for movie nerds, and one of the harder to find nominated films are often shorts- there are three categories- live action, animation and documentary. Red River is running them in blocks so you have a chance to sample many different Oscar-nominated shorts.