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Democrats Gear Up For Second Debate


The three Democrats who remain in the running for the party's presidential nomination will gather to debate Saturday night in Des Moines.

It'll be the second debate in the party's nominating schedule so far. Six debates are scheduled altogether, including one in Manchester in late December.

Here's a quick guide to some of the best commentary on the event we've found so far.

The debate will center on the economy, though, if history is any guide, the candidates will feel free to wander off topic as it suits them.

Moderators have played a controversial role in earlier presidential debates this year. Partly as a result, the moderators of Saturday's gathering have reached out to each campaign before hitting the stage.

Hillary Clinton will almost certainly remain at the center of the debate, and the dynamic between her and Bernie Sanders, in particular, will be closely scrutinized.

The debate will air live on CBS, or, if TVs just aren't your thing, you can catch it live here.

And the party's debate schedule remains controversial for some political watchers.