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All Things Considered

Outbreak Patients Could Receive Experimental Hepatitis C Treatment

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The investigation continues into the Hepatitis C outbreak at Exeter Hospital is moving to several other states. This week officials at a hospital in Poughkeepsie, New York, are testing about 25 patients who underwent procedures at the time technician David Kwiatowski worked there.

Kwiatowski is the man New Hampshire authorities say is responsible for 30 patients at Exeter Hospital contracting the disease. Those patients may be able to take part in an experimental Hepatitis C treatment that its backers say could improve outcomes for patients, while minimizing side effects and other complications some patients see under traditional treatment regimens.

Dr. Raymond Chung is director of hepatology at Massachusetts General Hospital, which has been working on an arrangement to bring the experimental treatment to the affected Exeter Hospital patients. He joins All Things Considered host Brady Carlson to talk about the treatment.

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