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Civics 101 Trivia, 9/27


Tune in every other Saturday on NHPR to hear our most recent trivia round and that week's qualifying question. We'll draw a random listener from the pool of correct questions to play Civics 101 Trivia with hosts Nick Capodice and Hannah McCarthy.

Last week's qualifying question was this: Which vice president who said that his office building, "might as well be in Baltimore" was the first VEEP to get an office in the West Wing?

The answer was Walter Mondale, and this week's winner was Bethany Silva from Lee, NH. Listen above to see how Bethany did on three questions related to the Judicial Branch.

The qualifying question for next week is this: In the landmark Supreme Court case from NH, Wooley v Maynard, George Maynard was given a citation for covering up what on his license plate?

If you think you know the answer, submit it here. One listener with the correct answer will be randomly chosen to play on air and win some spiffy Civics 101 swag. Good luck!