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The News Roundup — International

Laborers build cremation platforms to meet the increase of cremations due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic at a crematorium in Amritsar.
Laborers build cremation platforms to meet the increase of cremations due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic at a crematorium in Amritsar.

The daily death toll in India from COVID-19 continues to set records. The country also surpassed another daily record caseload this week as international aid began pouring into the country.

But will it be enough? Criticism of Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, continued to mount this week. After posts containing the tag #ResignModi became unavailable on Facebook, the company said it made a mistake in hiding them. The social media site later restored users’ access to the tag. Modi has been criticized for allowing the virus to resurge and for recently campaigning in the state of West Bengal without adhering to proper safety precautions.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been hearing the word “sleaze” more these days, it’s possibly (but not likely, we don’t know your life) because U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under investigation for some apartment renovations that potentially broke election law. “Sleaze,” in this case, references a series of allegations made by the Labour Party about the U.K.’s Conservative Party and corruption during the pandemic.

And American intelligence officials remain concerned about at least two “energy attacks” on U.S. soil, including one in the Washington D.C-region., according to CNN.

Those sickened reported similar symptoms to CIA and State Department personnel impacted overseas, and officials quickly began to investigate the incident as a possible “Havana syndrome” attack. That name refers to unexplained symptoms that US personnel in Cuba began experiencing in late 2016 — a varying set of complaints that includes ear popping, vertigo, pounding headaches and nausea, sometimes accompanied by an unidentified “piercing directional noise.” Rumors have long swirled around Washington about similar incidents within the United States. While the recent episodes around Washington appear similar to the previous apparent attacks affecting diplomats, CIA officers and other US personnel serving in Cuba, Russia and China, investigators have not determined whether the puzzling incidents at home are connected to those that have occurred abroad or who may be behind them, sources tell CNN.

We break down all the week’s top global stories on the News Roundup.

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