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Brace Yourself: YouTube Has A New Most-Watched Video


Good morning. I'm Rachel Martin. YouTube has a new most-watched video. Brace yourself.


HOPE SEGOINE: (Singing) Baby shark - doot, doo, doo, doot, doo, doo (ph).

MARTIN: (Singing) Baby shark - doot, doo, doo, doot, doo, doo. "Baby Shark" now has well over 7 billion views. It just ended the reign of the previous record-holder, the video for the song "Despacito." If you looped all those billions of "Baby Shark" plays end to end - you know, just in a masochistic thought experiment - that would mean more than 21,000 years of continuous "Baby Shark" play. It's MORNING EDITION. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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