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The 1A Movie Club Watches ‘Quarantine Horror’

A still from the quarantine horror film "Host."
A still from the quarantine horror film "Host."

“Wait… what’s that behind you? Stop sharing your screen. It’s there, I can see it in your camera!” Okay, we promise it’s a lot scarier when the professionals do it.

In this edition of the 1A Movie Club, we’re talking about the emerging film genre known as “quarantine horror.” These are movies made during the pandemic that are inspired by the anxieties of isolation and social distancing.

We’re diving in to the movies that scare us — even when it seems like real life couldn’t get any more frightening.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve seen any of these films — including “Host,” which is available on the horror streaming site Shudder. Maybe you’ve found yourself gravitating toward all kinds of horror films while stuck at home. What are you watching and why? Tell us here.

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Kathryn Fink

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