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People Are Finding Ways To Date Safely During The Coronavirus Pandemic


Dating wasn't easy before the pandemic, and it certainly isn't now. Still, many people are not letting the coronavirus get in the way.


No, they are not. Dating apps are reporting increased traffic. Some couples are sheltering in place together.

SHAPIRO: But what if you just started seeing someone? Well, moving in together might not be the best idea. So what can you do to keep things going?

KELLY: Well, you can go on a virtual date, eat dinner together, watch a movie.

SHAPIRO: And if things get stale, look for ways to shake it up. Write letters, take an online class together or cook the same thing at the same time.

KELLY: And this - if a date ends poorly or the relationship sours, be honest. Don't ignore texts. And if you're going to end things, try video chat.

SHAPIRO: Now is not the time to ghost. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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