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A Podcast Playlist To Help You Survive The Holidays

6 podcast episodes to get you through the holiday season.
Clare Schneider and Becky Harlan/NPR
6 podcast episodes to get you through the holiday season.

If you're facing a long road trip or you've got the middle seat on a cross-country flight, these Life Kit listens will take the edge off. Plus, they're full of sage advice that will help you deal with some of the stressful situations that surface this time of year.

Happy listening! And good luck out there.

For Dealing With Family Stress

If you're dreading an excess of quality time with family this holiday season and want to prioritize your mental health before getting into a conversation with your uncle about politics or who you're dating, listen to: Holiday Survival Guide: Family Style.

For Enjoying A Celebratory Meal

It's easy to get wrapped up in diet culture and shaming yourself for eating what you want. If you're looking to enjoy a holiday meal without worrying about if you should get a second slice of pecan pie, listen to this: Trust Your Gut: A Beginner's Guide To Intuitive Eating.

For Your Wallet

From buying plane tickets to getting gifts for your nieces and nephews, the holidays can mean some serious expenses. If you want to feel in control of how you're spending AND gain rewards on things you spend the most money on, listen to: Boost Your Credit Card IQ.

For Fighting Fake News At Dinner

The table is set, the mashed potatoes are steaming (shoutout to all the vegetarians out there) and everyone is sharing what they're thankful for this year. Not your family? Us either. If holiday gatherings quickly turn to tense political conversations, these tips on how to spot misinformation — and how to talk about it with your loved ones — could come in handy. Listen to: Fake News: How To Spot Misinformation.

For Harmony On That Long Car Ride

From a siblings road trip to a Friendsgiving getaway, the cocktail of travel's inherent stresses and a group's personality differences can combust. If you're wondering how to navigate the social dynamics of traveling in a group, listen to: Traveling Together? 7 Tips To Help Keep The Peace.

For The Office Holiday Party

You got your boss for Secret Santa and you don't even celebrate Christmas ... also you're on a budget. If you're looking for advice on whether or not you actually have to go to your office holiday party, listen to: Dealing With Holidays At Work: Forced Cheer And Awkward Parties.

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Becky Harlan is a visual and engagement editor for NPR's Life Kit.
Clare Schneider

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