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Recreational Weed Is Coming To Massachusetts. Is Connecticut Next?

Massachusetts is rolling out legal recreational marijuana sales this summer, with pot shops scheduled to open in July.

This hour, Boston Globe reporter Dan Adams joins us to talk about what the market in Massachusetts may actually look like—given that many towns have imposed their own restrictions on selling pot.

With our northern neighbor embracing -- and taxing -- weed, will budget-challenged Connecticut follow suit? We talk with two state lawmakers on either side of the legalization debate.

And Florida wants to stay on summer time permanently. We hear from an economist and time-zone aficionado about this law and the debate around daylight savings.


  • Dan Adams - Reporter for the Boston Globe who focuses on the alcohol and marijuana industries
  • State Senator Gary Winfield – Democrat representing New Haven and Deputy Majority Leader
  • State Representative Vincent Candelora - Republican representing North Branford
  • Allison Schrager – Economist and columnist for Quartz

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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.

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