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#NPRpoetry Comes When You 'Write What You Know'


All right. Let's take a poetry break. It's time now for some more of your Twitter poems in honor of National Poetry Month. Here are two that deal with the old saying write what you know. This one is from Dionne Sims in Minneapolis, Minn.

DIONNE SIMS: (Reading) A poet only writes what they now. I no longer write about you anymore.

MARTIN: Ouch. I think I need to hear that again. Here it is.

SIMS: (Reading) A poet only writes what they know. I no longer write about you anymore.

MARTIN: Well, thanks, Dionne, hope things get better. Here's something a little more lighthearted from Victor Tam in San Francisco.

VICTOR TAM: (Reading) #NPRpoetry has me rhyme like Seuss. When my wife sees, she'll cook my goose. Until then, I'll keep up this fun, writing poems till I need to run.

MARTIN: Thank you, Victor. I hope we didn't get you into trouble. We're at the halfway mark of Poetry Month, so if you have something to tweet, don't wait. Tweet us your 140-character-or-less submissions using the hashtag #NPRpoetry. We might just reach out and ask you to read it on the air. And for those of you who are having a little trouble getting started, David Orr, the poetry columnist for The New York Times Book Review, will be on the program a little later. We hope you stick around. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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