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Country's Largest Ocean Desalination Plant Opens In San Diego County

Pipes at the Carlsbad Desalination Plant, Dec. 14, 2015. (Erik Anderson/KPBS)
Pipes at the Carlsbad Desalination Plant, Dec. 14, 2015. (Erik Anderson/KPBS)

In California’s continuing battle with drought, one possible solution is mass desalination of ocean water.

From Here & Now contributor KPBS in San Diego, environmental reporter Erik Anderson reports from the opening of the largest ocean desalination facility in the Western Hemisphere, the Carlsbad Desalination Plant. The plant, which cost $1 billion, will produce drinking water for the citizens of San Diego County.

In March, we spoke with one of the partners on the project, Sandy Kerl. He said then: “This certainly probably holds the most potential for the largest volume of water. In terms of scale there has not been a plan of this size done, and so we don’t think of it as small plant we think of it as a big, fill-up-the-glass-of-water in San Diego County”.



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