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A Daughter's Investigation Into The Disappearance of Her Father

A photo from 1980 of Kate and Eddy Crane in Baltimore. (Courtesy Kate Crane)
A photo from 1980 of Kate and Eddy Crane in Baltimore. (Courtesy Kate Crane)

In September of 1987, Eddy Crane went missing. A business man in the Curtis Bay neighborhood of Baltimore, Crane co-owned E&M Machinery which took apart big rig trucks and sold their parts.

At the time he went missing there was a lot of speculation that his business partner was involved. He was never charged and Eddy was never found.

Years went by and the case still puzzled Baltimore City Homicide detectives and Baltimore Sun reporter David Simon. Simon went on to become a TV writer and producer and included the story of Crane in two of his series: “Homicide” and “The Wire.”

Now, 28 years later, his eldest daughter Kate Crane, has written about how her father’s disappearance impacted her life and her personal investigation to for answers in “Whatever Happened To Eddy Crane.” Crane tells her story to Here & Now‘s Robin Young.


  • Kate Crane, deputy editor of OZY. She wrote “Whatever Happened to Eddy Crane?”

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