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Amy Helm Carries Father's Legacy As She Goes Solo

Amy Helm's new album is "Didn't It Rain." (amyhelm.com)
Amy Helm's new album is "Didn't It Rain." (amyhelm.com)

Amy Helm grew up the child of musical royalty. Her father, the late Levon Helm, was a member of the iconic ’70s rock group The Band. Her mother Libby Titus Fagen is a singer, songwriter and concert producer.

Amy also became a musician. She won a Grammy for playing on and producing her father’s 2007 album “Dirt Farmer” and she’s a member of the folk group Ollabelle. But this week, Amy Helm is going out on her own, releasing her first solo album “Didn’t It Rain.”

Though Levon Helm died in 2012, he plays drums on a couple of tracks on the album. As Amy Helm told Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd, “It’s impossible if you have a parent who does the same thing that you do, and that you’ve chosen to do, I think it’s impossible to separate yourself from their work and their reputation. But I certainly feel grateful for my dad’s teaching, and what he’s given to me and for the last name. And I try to carry it with me and use it as something to grow towards.”


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