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Theater Group Challenges Audiences To Think (and Laugh) About Race

Ric Salinas performs in "Muse & Morros." (Paul Marotta)
Ric Salinas performs in "Muse & Morros." (Paul Marotta)

The San Francisco-based group Culture Clash started some 30 years ago at a Cinco de Mayo event with six members, eventually winnowing down to three: Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas, and Herbert Siguenza. Though they had a brief foray into television in the 1990s, Culture Clash finds its primary home in the theater.

The group often skewers stereotypes of Latinos and other minorities. They also enact the stories of people they interview, including a Muslim cab driver, a survivor of priest sexual abuse, and a transgender AIDS health worker.

Now Culture Clash weaves together thirty years of their work into the show “Muse & Morros” currently playing in Boston.


Here & Now’s Robin Young speaks with Ric Salinas and Richard Montoya about the show, and about how their humor often challenges the audiences as much as it makes them laugh.


  • Ric Salinas and Richard Montoya of Culture Clash. Culture Clash tweets @CultureClashOn.

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