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Letters: Walnut Theft, Md. Secessionists, Less-Orange Cheese


From pecans now to walnuts and your letters. We received several complaints about our attempt at humor while discussing the theft of three trailers full of walnuts from a California orchard.


CORNISH: If Hollywood were to make a screen version, it would be called the Nut Job. Like how many jokes do you have to endure about stolen nuts? The case has yet to be cracked.

Michelle Johnston of Sacramento was not amused. She writes, the theft of portions of our food supply is a serious story. Your reporter only seemed to be covering the issue so that she could make as many nut jokes as possible. And Lori Shein in San Diego writes, if I just lost $400,000 dollars worth of product, I don't think I'd find that very funny. Would you?


We also fielded complaints about a word.


BLOCK: Listener Michael Tonn of Burlington, Vermont, has had it with stories about Twitter. He writes, I love you guys and keep up the good work. But from now on, whenever you mention Twitter, I am turning off my radio. He goes on to ask, are they paying you guys or something? Well, Michael, we can report that that company is not paying us. And with its initial public offering well underway, you'll likely hear less from us next week about, well, them.

CORNISH: We also have a correction. Earlier this week, we brought you the history of secessionist movements in the U.S., beginning with one happening now in Colorado. Well, in that discussion, we mistakenly said that Maryland's Eastern Shore had aspirations of breaking away. But listener Adam Laye of Baltimore points out the secessionist movement is actually in several rural, western counties.

BLOCK: You can send us your thoughts by going to our website, Npr.org, just click on contact at the very bottom of the page. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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