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Moose On The Loose? Here's A Survival Tip


If you take a trip to see autumn foliage in Western Massachusetts this weekend, beware. Local moose do not offer photo ops. Pete Brown, who's a logger, learned this last month when he saw a moose while he worked in the woods. He tried to get a picture. Instead, Mr. Brown, who has two hip replacements, got the run of his life. Pete Brown joins us from his home in Belchertown, Massachusetts. Thanks for being with us.

PETE BROWN: Oh, it's my pleasure, Scott.

SIMON: So you saw a moose, and then what?

BROWN: Well, then he tried to kill me, basically. For 10 minutes, he chased me, and it was - it was quite an event.

SIMON: I mean, we - obviously - can joke about it now 'cause you're safe and sound. It's been pointed out it was rutting season - is rutting season. And I wonder: Did the moose see you as a companion, or a rival?

BROWN: Yeah, couple people have mentioned that. My ex-wife, in particular, she just thought that he probably thought I was cute looking and, you know, wanted to ...

SIMON: (LAUGHTER) Yeah, yeah.

BROWN: ...add me to his collection.

SIMON: (LAUGHTER) Oh. How do you outrun a moose?

BROWN: I managed to do it by zigzagging in and out of the trees because his rack was so wide, he kept bumping into trees. At one point, I ran out into a clearing, and then he was able to get up ahead of steam. And that was particularly exciting, at that point. And then I made it back into the brush and eventually, made it back to my scooter.

SIMON: Good Lord. So, I guess the lesson of this is, if you're being chased by a moose, head for thick foliage?

BROWN: That's what they say. Or they say, find a large tree and keep walking around the tree and eventually, the moose will get bored and go do something else.

SIMON: Now I understand, although this is the first time that a moose has made a run at you, that you've had previous potentially violent encounters in the woods.

BROWN: Actually, the only other wild animal that's attacked me, have been flying squirrels. And so I guess there's some humor there, the Rocky and Bullwinkle thing. You know, yeah, they're quite a team. They're pretty effective.

SIMON: I mean, you get to say Natasha's line, right?


BROWN: Boris, he's moose on squirrel.

SIMON: Yes, exactly.

BROWN: Eat logger now.


SIMON: Well, Mr. Brown, we're very happy that you're all in one piece, and able to talk about this with us. Thank you very much.

BROWN: And thank you, sir.

SIMON: And keep watching the woods, OK?

BROWN: I will, brother, I will.

SIMON: Pete Brown, a logger in Western Massachusetts, was chased by a grouchy bull moose in September; but he gave him the slip.


SIMON: This is NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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