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Discrepancies Uncovered in Best-Selling Memoir

William Bastone, editor of, discusses an article he wrote detailing discrepancies between stories in James Frey's best-selling memoir A Million Little Pieces and public records, such as police reports and court records. Bastone says key parts of Frey's book were embellished or fabricated.

Frey has denied the accusations, and his publisher has stated that it stands by the author.

On Frey's web site,, he wrote, "Let the haters hate, let the doubters doubt, I stand by my book, and my life, and I won’t dignify this (sic) with any sort of further response."

In a letter sent to Bastone before the story was published, Frey's attorneys threatened the editor with legal action for any false information that might defame him.

Frey's book rocketed up The New York Times best-seller list after it was featured by Oprah Winfrey's talk show.

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