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Offbeat Tech Toys for Your Holiday Gift List

In addition to well-known gadgets such as iPods and digital cameras, there are a wide variety of unusual and creative gizmos to broaden your gift list. New York Times technology columnist David Pogue compiled the following list of off-beat gift ideas.

1. iGo Everywhere, price varies by model. Universal power charger for all your gadgets: Games, BlackBerry, smartphones, PDAs, cameras, MP3 players, even laptops. Can charge two gadgets at once and comes with car charger adapter. www.igo.com

2. 20Q, $15. A little electronic gizmo that plays 20 Questions with you. www.20q.net

3. PowerSquid, $15. A power strip shaped like a squid so you can plug in a bunch of those "brick" adapters all at once, without blocking each other. www.thinkgeek.com.

4. Monkey head, $150."The first high-quality animatronics robot ever designed for home or office." Life-size chimpanezee bust. His mood changes depending on what he encounters. When "Curious," he reacts to touch, sounds and movement. Make him "Feisty" and he will screech, swinging his head from side to side; make him "Happy" and he'll smile and let loose excited whoops. Remote control. A second monkey head for $120 more! www.sharperimage.com

5. Instasong, $5. Full-blown, "professionally" recorded songs for your loved one, with custom lyrics and names included. www.instasong.com

6. Water-Powered Clock, $13. Pour in water (doubles as a vase!). This clock extracts electrons from the water (any electrolytic fluid such as soda, coffee, or even beer will do), and converts them to electricity. www.thinkgeek.com

7. OpenX Package, $5. Opens ANY plastic package, including those sinister hard plastic clamshells that defy scissors. I have one, and it’s GREAT. www.myopenx.com (also Amazon)

8. Living Fireplace, $20. A Screensaver for that new flat-panel TV. Seven different fireplaces, with or without music. Shot in high-definition. www.screendreamsdvd.com

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