Olympics 2016

New Hampshire’s lone Olympic gold-medalist, rower Tessa Gobbo was honored at the statehouse today.

About 100 first and second graders crowded into the Executive Council chambers at the State House to witness Governor Maggie Hassan honor Olympic gold-medalist and Chesterfield native Tessa Gobbo.

Chesterfield's Tessa Gobbo and the U.S. women's eight rowing team won gold over the weekend at the Summer Olympics on Rio.

The 25-year-old rower and her team rallied from third at the halfway mark to win the gold medal in the race Saturday, beating second place Great Britain and third place Romania.

It's the first gold medal for Gobbo, who began rowing when she was a student at Northfield Mount Hermon in Massachusetts. She began training for Rio after graduating from Brown University three years ago.

Amina Tagemouati via Flickr CC / https://flic.kr/p/rbxKAD

Today on the show, a writer explores the greatest escape plan: pseudocide... We'll hear about the global disappearance industry that plots, facilitates and forges documents for fake deaths - and the investigators who track them down.

And from Team Refugee to Superfan Mavis, a rundown of Olympic tweets, memes, and illegal gifs... Including a very photogenic Tongan flagbearer.

Here's What's Awesome: Rio Olympics Edition

Aug 10, 2016

The Olympics inspire us, thrill us, they engage us in the pursuit of what may seem impossible, and never have to leave our comfy chair. That's where Brady Carlson, our longtime awesomator, comes in to the picture as he observes the squabbles and strategies and fixations and silliness that happens online...sifts out the superfluous and brings it all to us.

Today Brady gives us a glimpse of the 2016 games in Rio in what will be his last run through the awesome filter for this program in this studio. Because, later this month, NHPR's  reporter and Weekend Morning Edition host and all around day brightener is heading to Wisconsin Public radio.   

Judo: An Increasingly Popular Olympic Sport

Aug 10, 2016
Alvimann / Morguefile

Judo was founded in Japan around 1882. It’s an aggregate of techniques drawn from various martial arts. It’s been an Olympic sport since 1964 and has been gaining popularity ever since.

What does it look like?

“Bodies flying through the air…you’ll see a lot of them are very acrobatic,” says Jake Freedman, Head Coach of the University of New Hampshire Judo Club. “They may go very high into the air, and somehow spin in the air like a cat, and land on their fronts.”

Emily Corwin / NHPR

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For the last few months, Laura McCarthy has been preparing to put a lifetime of training on display before an international audience in Rio de Janeiro—home of this year’s summer Olympics.  No, McCarthy is not an athlete. She’s a fashion designer. And today – a collaboration she’s been working on for months will be draped on a Brazilian model, and strutted down a runway in Rio.