Lori McKenna

Song/ Artist/ Album/ Label

Mole's Moan/ Tom Rush/ Blues, Songs & Ballads/ Fantasy

Utha, Utha, Didi Bahini/ Libana/ Out of this World/ Spinning Records

Darlin' Cory/ Tim Grimm/ A Stranger In This Time/ Corazong

Deep River Blues with Jason Isbell/ Tommy Emmanuel/ Accomplice One/ CGP Sounds

Wichita [Outtake]/ Gillian Welch/ Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg / Acony Records

A Tune For Frankie/ Altan/ Blackwaterside/ Virgin

Pangaea/ I'm With Her/ See You Around/ Rounder

Title/ Artist/ Album/ Label

That's The Way Love Goes/ Harmony Sisters/ The Early Years/ Harmony Sound

Paper Wings And Halo/ Lori McKenna/ Paper Wings & Halo / The Orchard

Life/ Tom Paxton/ Boat In The Water/ Pax Records

Hard to Live These Country Songs/ David Mallett/ Celebration/ North Road Records

Gentle on My Mind/ Alison Krauss/ Windy City/ Capitol Records

Ruby's Shoes/ Lori McKenna/ Paper Wings & Halo/ The Orchard

I'm Bound for the Promised Land/ Rayna Gellert/ Workin's Too Hard/ StorySound Records

NHPR Folk Calendar

Feb 9, 2014


Wednesday, February 12

>>> Bennett and Perkins, Wildcat Inn and Tavern, Jackson, NH; 7:30 p.m.; 603-305-7156; www.bennettandperkins.com

Thursday, February 13

>>>David Mallett at the Flying Goose Brew Pub ~ New London, NH ~ 8pm ~ 603-526-6899

Friday, February 14