Historic Properties

Alan L. MacRae

Last week, The Exchange went to the historic Belknap Mill in Laconia to talk to a live audience about what it takes to make New Hampshire's old buildings relevant and useful for today.   

Magicpiano / Wikimedia Commons

A New Hampshire Gothic Revival church has been named to the National Register of Historic Places.

The First Congregational Church in Farmington was built in 1875 and is the oldest church in continuous use in the town. It has arched windows and doorways, 14 buttressed with angled capstones, a 9-by-5-foot arched stained glass window above the vestibule entrance and a steep gabled roof.

The church's 120-foot corner belfry houses the town clock and a 1915 memorial bell.

Concord 'Gasholder' House Makes National Historic Register

Jan 29, 2018
Library of Congress

The Gasholder House, the one-of-a-kind Concord Gas Light Company structure, was named to the National Register of Historic Places.