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Kate McNally

Tom Rush stopped by the NHPR studios to talk with Kate & play live.

The Tara Greenblatt Band recently stopped by the NHPR studios to perform live for The Folk Show. Hear the full performance here:

Sattuma via Facebook

"Sattuma" translated from Finnish means "hitting the mark" as well as "chance, happenstance". Sattuma is one of the most well-known folk bands to hail from Karelia - the republic shared by Russia and Finland.

Decatur Creek

Jun 10, 2013
Decatur Creek

Doug Farrell, Steve Dionne, and Jack Carlton are each accomplished NH musicians, singer/songwriters, and performers who together make up Decatur Creek. They joined Kate in the studio on Sunday night.

Bennett And Perkins

Jan 14, 2013

Bennett and Perkins - the White Mountains duo of Kathy Bennett and Thom Perkins - joined Kate in the studio to discuss their second album, House On Fire, and to play selections from the album.

Kate was in studio with conductor Michael Vose and the Strathspey and Reel Society of New Hampshire, a group seeking to preserve and promote Scottish culture through the playing of traditional Scottish music.

Courtesy of the <a href="">Cosy Sheridan </a>

Cosy Sheridan joins Kate McNally live in the NHPR studio.

Peter Heywood /

Jeff Warner joins Folk Show host Kate McNally at NHPR to discuss his latest album, Long Time Travelling.

Abby Roche / NHPR

David Bromberg and his band joins Kate McNally for an in-studio performance.

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