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New Hampshire drivers who want to show their financial support for various charities and organizations on their license plates now have more than a dozen options.

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu on Wednesday signed a bill expanding the state's year-old decal plate program. The special plates have a 3-inch blank square on the left side where a decal issued by authorized organizations can be placed.


New Hampshire is about to debut a new online system that will display current wait times for the busiest N.H. Division of Motor Vehicles locations.

Starting Thursday, information available at the DMV website will show the number of customers currently waiting at a specific DMV location and the longest wait time currently being experienced by any customer.

Wait time information will be available for offices in:


All DMV offices in New Hampshire will be closed on Monday and Tuesday with online services suspended from now until Wednesday.

N.H. Inspection Stickers About to Get a Makeover

Aug 1, 2017
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Starting in October, those annual New Hampshire car inspection stickers will have a new place on your vehicle.


Since the fall, New Hampshire police stations have no longer had the authority to release accident reports – something they’ve been doing for decades. 

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Local police stations in New Hampshire can no longer practice the decade’s old-policy of handing out accident reports. Instead the state DMV is now in charge of that.