Younger Granite Staters And Workforce Preparation

Nov 20, 2013

We continue our series, 'How We Work: Five Years Later,' with a look at younger Granite Staters and how they’re prepared for the workforce.  We’ll examine how we educate students, from high school to college, and how that’s changed since the recession.

Credit Barks Of Love / Flickr Creative Commons


  • Ross Gittell – chancellor of New Hampshire's Community College System and forecast manager of the New England Economic Partnership
  • Krystal Hicks – Associate Director of Career Support and Employer Outreach the UNH Career Center


  • Rhonda Hanaway –director of Greater Meredith’s Career Partnership Program, based at  Inter-Lakes High School
  • Bob Baines – Director of STEAM Ahead New Hampshire, an initiative planned for Manchester West High School. Baines was a longtime principal at West High School and also a former mayor of Manchester