You Asked, He Answered: Guinta Weighs in on Campaign Finance Regulations

Oct 24, 2016

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Ahead of our recent forum with Congressman Frank Guinta, we asked you to let us know what issues you wanted to hear him discuss.

While we weren’t able to get to all of your suggestions during the forum, we did ask Guinta about his views on campaign finance regulations.

Specifically, one of you asked: “What’s your stance on Citizens United? Has dark money affected campaigns, yours included, too much?”

Guinta said he didn’t think he, as a member of Congress, had the ability to push back on the effects of the Citizens United ruling — given that it was a product of the Supreme Court.

“There’s a separation of powers,” Guinta said. “So the legislative branch doesn’t have any ability or authority to impact that. What I can impact is disclosure of the contributions that we receive, which obviously we do, as every candidate does, by the way. I hope that at the end of a campaign that people will ultimately do their level best to try to find out where the candidates stand and that the candidates do their level best to communicate. That’s part of what an open process in New Hampshire should be.”

Guinta, who has come under scrutiny for his own campaign finance violations in the past, voiced broad support for more transparency in showing who’s donating to political campaigns.

“Look, I think the most important thing for the financial side of running elections is transparency. The more transparency there is in who’s contributing to individuals, where anybody can see that, I think is a benefit. I have certainly been on the receiving end of outside PACs and super PACs spending money against me… I have no idea who they are, I have no idea who’s contributed to those PACs, and probably most people in New Hampshire in that eight seconds that you see that tiny, tiny print at the end about who it’s paid for by have no clue.”

You can listen to Guinta’s full conversation with The Exchange right here. Stay tuned for more of our "Conversations with the Candidates" and more opportunities to participate leading up to the general election.