Writers on a New England Stage: Isabel Allende

May 13, 2010

Today on Word of Mouth, a conversation with Isabel Allende, live from the series. Allende is the best selling Latin-American author in the world. Beginning with her 1982 debut, House of the Spirits, Ms. Allende’s novels have been praised for their historical accuracy, deep sensuality and what critics call "magical realism." She has written 17 more books including novels, memoirs and young adult stories since she was forced to leave her native Chile. She and her family fled after a military coup toppled the presidency of her father’s cousin, Salvador Allende. She now lives and writes in California. Isabel Allende joined an enthusiastic audience at The Music Hall of Portsmouth to read from her new novel Island Beneath the Sea. Her first novel in four years is set in the late 18th century, in the French colony that would become Haiti after a bloody revolution. The story’s heroine, a slave named Zarite, would later escape to New Orleans. We spoke to her about her work and her life, but first, we hear Isabel Allende reading from her new book.


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