Writers on a New England Stage: Chris Matthews

Dec 9, 2011

Chris Matthews is best known for his opinionated and combative style on his MSNBC program, "Hardball with Chris Matthews." What's lesser known is that he's a former print journalist, was a long-time aide to Tip O'Neill, and that he grew up in an Irish Catholic family...of Republicans. All this played no small part in sewing the seeds of his admiration for a man he'd later write two books about, John F. Kennedy. 

Matthews' new book is Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero. In this special broadcast, recorded live at the Portsmouth Music hall, he opens up about why the study of Kennedy has become central to his life's work. Along the way, he reveals a side of Chris Matthews that we are not used to seeing. 

Producer's note:

This program is in two parts. /RL


Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero

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