Word Of Mouth 2.22.14

Feb 21, 2014

Hmmm.... House of Cards, or True Detective?
Credit Taylor Quimby

It's February. You're sick of shoveling, tired of being cold, and ready to stay inside all weekend binge-watching TV... or better yet, binge-listening to public radio!  Why not start with Word of Mouth's Saturday show, which brings you the best of the week in one convenient bundle.  No need to hit 'next episode' - you can listen to the full show right here, or scroll down to find the segment that's right for you. 

The Complete Box Set (Full Show)

Part 1: Getting Paid To Binge-watch TV?

Part 2:  Game-Show Game Theory on Jeopardy!

Part 3: Philosophy's "Bro" Problem

There's more information about each segment from our Saturday show, including any links we mentioned during the broadcast, under the heading 'Related Content'.  Just scan the available selections to find what you're looking for, or email us at wordofmouth@nhpr.org if you have any questions!