Word of Mouth 03.31.2012

Mar 30, 2012

Part 1:

Users, Unite!

This is the one union that will kick you out if you pass a drug test. Jesse McKinley wrote about the evolution and demands of the San Francisco drug users union for The New York Time.

New York Times Article  

Part 2:

The Cow Clause

When I think of tax evasion or corporate loopholes, I think paper shredders and mumbling accountants huddled over ledgers – not green pastures and high white fences… and yet, for wealthy landowners looking to avoid the brunt of high property taxes through agricultural credits and breaks, all it takes to save millions is a few stray heifers, or a handful of goats. Pat Garofalo is economic policy editor at Think Progress, and the author a recent op-ed called “Holy Cow: How Senators and Movie Stars Use Livestock to Game the Tax Code." 

Part 3:

Rethinking Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s gothic novel, Frankenstein has long been read as a cautionary tale about the limits of technology, and a warning against scientific hubris. The monster is a man-made creation run amok, seeking revenge on the scientist that harnessed electricity and brought him to life…a horror recreated many times on film.

For the first time in the U.S., a collection of journals and manuscripts from Mary Shelley are on view at the New York Public Library. Ruth Franklin, literary critic and senior editor at the New Republic, has looked through the artifacts and came away with a new prism on the Frankenstein creation myth...one involving childbirth.  

Suing Siri

And now for the implications of man-made beings in the 21st century, and some potential legal questions recently posed by New Hampshire attorney John Weaver. His article in the New Hampshire Bar Journal about the liabilities and rights of artificially intelligent beings is called “Siri is My Client: A First look at Artificial Intelligence and Legal Issues.” John Weaver, associate in the corporate practice at the McLane Law Firm is here with a first look at the liability and intellectual property issues that could arise as more and more people are relying on machines and software that replicate human intelligence. 

Part 4:

Adam Cohen: Like a Man

Sometimes a family resemblance is so strong, you don’t even need eyes to see it.

Adam Cohen is the son of the famed Canadian musician, poet, and ladies’ man Leonard Cohen. After three solo albums, one release from his band Low Millions, and a four-year hiatus from music, Adam has returned with a new album, and a new appreciation for the family legacy. The album Like a Man makes its U.S. release on April 3rd.

Adam joins us from member station KPCC in Pasadena to talk about music, his dad and taking up the family business.