A Wide-Mouth Slam Can of Pull Tabs Fuels This Little Car

Apr 21, 2011

dAlH2Orean H2 R/C Car powered by Aluminium from Aleix Llovet on Vimeo.

Nutritionists will tell you soda isn't the most efficient fuel for your body, but the pull tabs may be useful fuel for cars. The new dAlH2Orean H2 (catchy name, by the way) uses soda pull tabs as part of a chemical reaction to create hydrogen fuel.

At this point the car is... a little small for most drivers. But it's intended as a demonstration, a first step in seeing if waste metal can be a fuel source for cars. The next source? potato chip cans, for all those hungry peeps who like to slam a stack and then drive around. [Greenlaunches]

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