This Week's Essential StateImpact

Apr 6, 2012
  1. Five Reasons Why Angel Investors (Think “Shark Tank”) Matter To The Economy: Our top post this week breaks down a new report from the University of New Hampshire explaining why this high-powered, super-secretive investment market is a key part of the national economy.
  2. What A Canadian Newspaper Reports About Hydro-Quebec (And Northern Pass): Normally, we break down what New Hampshire news outlets are reporting about this controversial project.  Now, we get Hydro-Quebec’s perspective, courtesy of the Montreal Gazette.
  3. (Mega-Big Mega Millions Jackpot Aside) When It Comes To The Lotto, A Lot Of “Suckers” Live In New England:  An in-depth look not only at Bloomberg’s “Sucker Index,” which rates states according to ticket sales and prize pay-outs, but at how much on average New Englanders spend on the lotto.
  4. Why The Mega Millions Jackpot Is Extra-Important For New Hampshire: One of our most popular series of posts is our look at how New Hampshire’s lottery is struggling in the face of competition from Massachusetts.  So we re-posted in honor of the Mega Millions frenzy.
  5. Executive Council Mulls Massive Medicaid Contract: NHPR’s Dan Gorenstein breaks down the big questions surrounding the biggest contract in state history.
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