Warner Hosts Its Fall Foliage Festival With Record Number Of Oxen

Oct 13, 2013

Warner is in the midst of its 66th Fall Foliage Festival.

Sean Bohman is the President of the Warner Fall Foliage Festival. For him, the highlight event is its competitive oxen pull, where two yoked oxen negotiate an obstacle course.

“That’s gonna be huge. We’re anticipating between 40 and 50 pullers. We’ve never had that many. That’s a lot!”

For those counting, that’s about one hundred oxen.

Bohman is also excited about the woodsman contest.

“Splitting wood, axes, chainsaws. That’s a real popular thing. People love that.”

In addition to carnival rides and live bands, people attending the festival today can also catch a dance performance by the Granite State Cloggers.