VP Biden Speaks at NH Art Institute in Manchester

Feb 23, 2012


Vice president Joe Biden made a campaign stop at the New Hampshire Art Institute today. It was his eighth visit to New Hampshire as Vice president.

Biden kicked off his speech by acknowledging that he’s beginning to become a regular face in the Granite State; his last visit was just last month.

"I’ve been up here fairly frequently and the good news for me and I’m not sure if it’s good for you is that I’m gonna be here an awful lot between now and November," Biden said.

Biden used the opportunity to deliver a standard stump speech in which he touted Obama’s efforts to shore up the auto industry and banking industry.

He said that the democrats are determined to rebuild the middle class.

"We’re about providing jobs people can raise a family on, live in a decent home on! That makes a difference in people’s lives," he declared to the receptive audience.

Biden closed the speech by saying that the Obama campaign will focus its dollars more on opening as many local offices as possible, instead of on running more TV ads.