Van Ostern and Burns Win Executive Council Primaries

Sep 12, 2012

Colin Van Ostern won the Democratic nomination for the District 2 chair on the Executive Council.  The district includes the Concord area, and stretches from Vermont to the coast.
He beat opponent John Shea, who held a seat on the Council from 2006 to 2010.

Van Ostern says the Council’s decision last June to cut funding to Planned Parenthood spurred him to run.  But he made his campaign about the economy.

“I’m really grateful for the vote today. I think that it confirms that our campaign, which has been about jobs and economic development and ending the partisan ideology in Concord, is right on track and that’s the message I’m going to keep going forward with all the way to November.”

Van Ostern faces Republican Michael Tierney in the general election.

Farther south in the Executive Council’s 4th District, Bob Burns won the Republican primary slot with just 99 votes. The district was left wide open after former Manchester mayor Ray Wiekzorek said he would not seek re-election.  Burns will now face Democrat Chris Pappas in the general election.