The Two New Hampshires

Dec 4, 2013

New Hampshire Economist and Chancellor of the Community College System Ross Gitell is looking at the major demographic and economic differences between the rural and more urban parts of our state - a divide he says is growing. We’re talking about that, and his ideas on closing the gap.  


  • Ross Gittell- Chancellor of the Community College System, forecast manager at the New England Economic Partnership, and author of the recent paper, “Two New Hampshires: What Does it Mean?”
  • Mill Duncan -  Research Director of AGree, a food and agriculture policy group in Washington DC, professor emeritus at UNH, and a fellow at UNH's Carsey Institute, where she also served as founding director. She recently updated her book World’s Apart: Why Poverty Persists in Rural America.


  • David Preece – Executive Director, Southern NH Planning Commission.
  • Mike Laracy,  Founder and CEO or Rapid Insight Inc. in North Conway.

*Here's a link to Ross Gittell's whitepaper.

Maps from UNH of broadband access in NH