Trump's N.H. Supporters, In Their Own Words

Nov 11, 2015

Don Medbery, of Dover, shows off a newly signed copy of Donald Trump's latest book.
Credit Casey McDermott, NHPR

Donald Trump has been at the front of the Republican presidential pack in New Hampshire since late July — at the moment, outpacing all other candidates in polling averages double digits.

Some 600 people showed up to hear Trump speak during his latest swing through New Hampshire Wednesday morning for a “Politics and Eggs” forum in Mancheseter. That audience wasn’t exclusively Trump supporters — the forum typically attracts businesspeople of all political stripes — but there were still a fair number of fans in attendance. Here’s what a few had to say about why Trump appeals to them.

John Washburn, of Merrimack, said that as an attorney who works with clients on foreclosures and bankruptcies, among other issues, he has an up-close view of today’s economic challenges. Washburn has faith that Trump can get the country back on track — and turned to a Seinfeld reference to make his point.

Janice Walsh, of Milford, and Marilyn Walsh Manfra, of Bethlehem, both find Trump to be exceedingly sincere. They also like the fact that he’s not a “career politician” and “doesn’t need to get paid off.”

Don Medbery, of Dover, serves as his town's chair for the Trump campaign. Medbery spoke up during Wednesday’s event to request that the candidate sign his wife’s copy of “Crippled America,” Trump’s latest book. The U.S. Air Force veteran said he has no doubt that Trump will take care of veterans if elected and, like others, appreciates the candidate’s candor.

Shari Lucey, of Merrimack, was a little hesitant to support Trump at first because of his outspoken persona. But she’s come around since then — she likes his stance on immigration and thinks his candor is refreshing. “He’s not afraid to say it honestly, and I think people want honesty at this point,” she added.

Charles Bradley, of Laconia, thinks there’s too much preoccupation with political correctness these days. He’s glad Trump pushes back on that. He also likes Trump’s strict plans to deal with illegal immigration, and — generally — appreciates the candidate’s reputation as a dealmaker.

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