Top Stories: 'Roller Skiing' Summer Training for Winter Athletes, A Monadnock Farmer's Challenge

Jul 9, 2012

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on and StateImpact - NH website.

1) National: 'Roller Skiing' Summer Training for Winter Athletes  Athletes all over the country are competing to secure their places on the Summer Olympics team. At the same time, Winter Olympians are doing what they can to stay in shape. For cross-country skiers, that means roller skiing.

2) StateImpact: Getting By, Getting Ahead: A Monadnock Farmer's Sustainability Challenge  As part of our weekly “Getting By, Getting Ahead” series, StateImpact is traveling across New Hampshire, gathering personal stories from the people behind the economy.  In our second installment, we visit a small farm in the Monadnock Region.

Credit Amanda Loder / StateImpact NH

3) North Country: Tom Wagner: Deciding Whether Northern Pass May Cross The White Mountain National Forest   The decisions on whether the controversial Northern Pass hydro-electric project goes ahead will be made by state and federal agencies. But a single person will make a crucial decision. That is whether the high-voltage power lines should be allowed to cross the White Mountain National Forest, one of the state’s top tourist attractions and a huge recreational resource.

Watermelon carnage
Credit Ryan Lessard / NHPR

4) NH News: Fireworks Law Ignites Safety Concerns and Boosts Sales  For some New Hampshire residents, the Fourth of July means it’s time for fireworks in the backyard. The state has long been one of the few states in the region to allow this practice. But this year it's causing new safety concerns because more dangerous types of fireworks are now on sale.

5) NH News: Energy Efficiency Investment Slow to Catch On   A new report out from the New Hampshire Energy and Climate Collaborative finds that NH may not be doing enough to make homes more energy efficient.

6) Word of Mouth: Writers on a New England Stage: Joan Didion   One of America’s most admired writers, recorded live at the music hall in Portsmouth.

7) NH News: Speaker Shuts Out Monitor  As reporters from about a half-dozen news outfits were welcomed to Speaker O’Brien’s office, reporters from the capital city’s only newspaper were blocked at the door by O’Brien spokesperson Shannon Bettencourt. The issue is, at least in part, an editorial cartoon the Monitor ran earlier this year.

Credit NRCgov / Flickr

8) NH News: Vermont Yankee Opponents Say Water Permit Could Force Plant To Close plant-close  A loss late last month in federal appeals court has limited the state’s options to challenge Vermont Yankee’s operating license. Opponents of the nuclear power plant are now pinning their hopes on a permit that Yankee needs to release hot water into the Connecticut River. But the state of Vermont says it won’t be issuing that permit any time soon.

9) The Exchange: Room for Improvement on Energy Efficiency   How energy efficient is the Granite State? A new reports says not very, at least in terms of our buildings. Three years after Governor Lynch issued a Climate Action Plan, which included a call for more efficient homes and offices, UNH researchers find the state is way behind where it had hoped to be.

10) North Country: Biology Professor Says He's Positive He Spotted A Mountain Lion In The North Country A biology professor from Rhode Island got a big, furry surprise recently when driving in the North Country.