Top Stories: JP Morgan Losses Grow; Census Finds More Minority Births

May 17, 2012

Good morning, here are some of the headlines we're following:

As Feared, JP Morgan's Losses Are Growing; Reportedly At $3 Billion.

Minorities Are Majority Of U.S. Births, Census Says.

Activist Chen May Soon Have Passport, Be Able To Leave China.

NATO Summit Opens This Weekend In Chicago; Pakistani President To Attend. (CNN)

Trial Of Accused Serbian War Criminal Ratko Mladic Delayed Indefinitely Over Prosecution Errors. (Telegraph)

Greece Gets Caretaker Government, Banking Crisis Looms. (Washington Post)

Arizona Wildfire Grows Rapidly, Threatens Historic, Rural Community. (Arizona Republic)

Closing Arguments Set For Today In Edwards Corruption Trial. (CBS)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Wife Found Dead At Home In New York (New York Times)

Moderate Earthquake Shakes East Texas Early Today - Second Tremor This Week. (Longview News-Journal)

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