Top Stories: Celina Cass Stepfather Questioned Before Grand Jury, New PUC Commissioner Challenged

Mar 19, 2012

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on and StateImpact - NH website.

1) North Country: Celina Cass Stepfather Questioned Before Grand Jury  A Coos County Grand jury met Monday in Lancaster as the investigation into the death of 11-year-old Celina Cass continues.

2) North Country: A Conflict of Interest Challenge To Newly Appointed PUC Commissioner  Last week the Executive Council confirmed Michael Harrington’s appointment as one of three Public Utilities Commissioners.  But before Harrington could preside over his first hearing on Monday a couple from the North Country filed a motion asking he be disqualified for a conflict of interest.

3) NH News: State Cuts Nursing for Sick Kids; Parents Raise Alarm Over the last year, dozens of families have lost state subsidized nursing support to care for their sick children.

4) NH News: State Supreme Court Considers Counsel for Indigent Parents Do indigent parents have a constitutional right to a lawyer when the state charges that parent with abuse or neglect of their child?

5) North Country: Two of Three North Country Towns Okay Ordinances To Fight Corporate Power - and Northern Pass Two of three North Country towns Tuesday approved an ordinance designed to fight the Northern Pass project by trying to strip corporations of their power.

6) Politics: Mont Vernon Votes to Rename "Jew Pond" Mont Vernon voters approved changing the controversial name of a pond at its town meeting Tuesday night.

7) North Country: Trial Set For Man Accused In Colebrook Explosion That Killed Two  A trial date has been set for Craig Sanborn, the man accused of negligent homicide and manslaughter in the deaths of two North Country men who worked at his Black Mag factory in Colebrook when it exploded almost two years ago.

8) NPR News: Is it Safe To Eat 'Pink Slime'? "Pink slime" has been oozing back into headlines in recent weeks after McDonalds, followed by other fast food chains, announced it had stopped using beef trimmings to fill out its hamburgers. 

9) Arts & Culture: Photo Series Explores Faces of New Hampshire's Immigrants In our series, New Hampshire’s Immigration Story, we’ve talked about how immigrants and refugees have affected New Hampshire’s economy, health care system, law enforcement, schools, now we look at art. 

10) Health: House Votes To Dismantle Certificate of Need Board  The Certificate of Need Board approves new hospitals and expansions of existing medical centers in the state. Wednesday the house voted 166-140 to get rid of the board entirely. The House rejected an amendment which would have overhauled the existing board and phase it out over five years.