Top Stories: Bombing In Syria; Obama's Evolution On Gay Marriage

May 10, 2012

Good morning! We're watching these news stories:

Syrian Bomb Blasts Kill At Least 50.

Obama's Family Caused Him To Rethink Position On Same Sex Marriage, According To Aides. (Los Angeles Times)

Colorado Gov. Will Call Special Session To Take Up Civil Unions Bill. (Denver Post)

Chinese Dissident Says Local Chinese Authorities Are Persecuting His Family. (Reuters)

Socialist Is Third Greek Leader To Try To Form Government After Inconclusive Greek Elections. (AFP)

No Survivors Found After Russian Jet Crashes In Indonesia On Demonstration Flight. (CNN)

Red Cross Suspends Efforts In Pakistan After Staff Doctor Slain. (VOA)

After 16 Days, Paralyzed Woman Completes London Marathon Using Special Suit. (Guardian)

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